Emily McGill, Ivy League Witch

New York, NY, USA


Change your guests' lives in 5 minutes! Events have evolved and old activations aren’t landing the same way. Be on the cutting edge of event entertainment with the mystical addition of tarot readings. 


Emily McGill is a recovering Broadway publicist turned Ivy League Witch and tarot reader. She's a spiritual seeker, soul translator, storytelling strategist, and a deep believer in the power of comms - communication and community. At Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Teachers College, Emily is earning a Master of Arts in Psychology with a focus on spirituality. SMB is the first Ivy League graduate curriculum dedicated to merging spirituality and evidence-based research within the context of clinical psychology.


With 6 years under her belt, and a Master's degree from Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute on the way, Emily has changed guests' lives in five minutes by reading tarot cards for events like NY Fashion Week, Canva summer picnics, weddings, cannabis events, and virtual Burning Man; in Broadway dressing rooms, private penthouses, and even the royal Consulate of Monaco (twice!).


As a former publicist, Emily understands the complexities of producing an event and can smoothly integrate magic into your gathering, offering your community surprisingly deep readings in a tiny timeframe. For more info on tarot for events, visit https://tinyurl.com/tarot4events