Dustin Joplin-Gonzales

New York City , NY, USA

Gender Identity: Man, Non-Binary Male Presenting
Gender(s) to Play: Male, Non-Binary/Non-Conforming
Height: 5'8
Age Range: 20-45
Hispanic, Latinx

Dustin Joplin Gonzales is an up-and-coming performer and educator from San Antonio, Texas. He graduated from Louisiana State University in 2020 with his Bachelors in Music Education. While there, Dustin began to discover his love for performing, appearing in multiple musical theatre and opera productions. This discovery led to Dustin pursuing higher education. In May, 2022 Dustin graduated from the University of Mobile with his Masters in Vocal Performance. 


Currently based in New York City, Dustin Joplin Gonzales has appeared in multiple professional productions across the United States. In commercial music, Dustin has worked as a lead vocalist and background vocalist in Festival South’s live music shows lsuch as The British Invasion and Forever: A Queen Tribute Concert. Dustin has also worked with professional opera companies such Opera Louisiane and Opera Mississippi in productions such as Gianni Schicchi as Gherardo. Dustin has appeared in commercial theatre projects like The Holiday Express at OWA parks, where he originated the role of Jack Frost.  Some of Dustin’s regional theatre credits include Everblue Art’s production of Band Geeks as Elliott and Myer Dinner Theatre’s The Rat Pack Lounge as Jeorge Rodriguez/Dean Martin.


Dustin uses this wide variety of performance experience to expand his knowledge as a music and theatre educator. 


SINGER: Tenor, Vocal Style: Belt, Vocal Style: Legit.
MUSICIAN: Clarinet.
PERFORMANCE SKILLS: Hand to Hand, Singer, Instructor, Actor.
PRODUCTION ROLE: Music Director.

Contract Type(s):
School Productions, Regional Theater, Theme Park