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PERFORMERS: The Lost Colony Outdoor Drama - Summer Season

The Lost Colony

Located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, The Lost Colony is America’s largest outdoor symphonic drama. The production is seeking dedicated and passionate performers for the 2024 season, which depicts Paul Green’s tale of America’s oldest mystery.



Contract Dates: May 6 – August 24, 2024



Seasonal Employment Agreement

Salary range: $290 - $500 / Week

Shared Housing



Director/Choreographer: Jeff Whiting

Fight Director: Jason Paul Tate

Native American Choreography by: Nakya Leviner

Puppetry: Nicholas Mahon



Deadline: March 1, 2024



Note: All Native American roles will be cast with Indigenous performers.


STORYTELLER:  Older Indigenous female identifying actor who knows all the stories of the land and provides the connection with the present and the past.


JOHN BORDEN: Farmhand and hired young laborer who rises in prominence and importance in the new colony because of his leadership skills.  Extraordinary sword fighter.


ELEANOR DARE: Head-strong, young, spirited and strong-willed.  Able to keep pace with the soldiers.  Quick to speak the truth. Singing role: Strong soprano.


MANTEO:  A Native American Croatoan, the chief of the tribe that befriends the colonists.  Helps the colonists navigate their way through the New World.


WANCHESE: The last known leader of the Roanoke Native American tribe. Wanchese breaks from the colonists when they incite tribal violence.


KING WINGINA: Leader of the Roanoke Native American tribe, who welcomes the colonists.


ANANIAS DARE:  Educated young soldier who is quick to put aside the gentleman’s life to learn the ways of the New World.


GOVERNOR JOHN WHITE: English colonial governor, explorer, artist and cartographer who will do anything for his daughter and granddaughter.


SIMON FERNANDO: Spanish navigator and sometime pirate.  Hot-tempered and spirited. Extraordinary sword fighter.  Fast, quick on his feet.


QUEEN ELIZABETH:  Regal, wise, and does not suffer fools gladly. (50s-60s)


SIR WALTER RALEIGH:  English landed gentleman, soldier, politician and explorer with a dream to establish the first English colony in the New World.


OLD TOM: The Falstaff of the New World, hard-drinking ne’er-do-well with a big heart.



Seeking singers, actors, dancers of all ages (any ethnicity) to portray colonists, soldiers, members of the Royal Court. Stage combat and puppetry skills a plus.


Specifically seeking performers of Native American Descent of all ages, including Pow Wow Dancers (Fancy, Grass, Traditional, Jingle, etc.) to portray Indigenous ensemble roles. Stage combat and puppetry skills a plus.



Seeking fire specialty dancer for featured role in the production.


Download Sides HERE and upload video links with application. 

Job Roles

Singer: Alto, Mezzo, Soprano, Bass, Baritone, Tenor, Baritenor, Vocal Style: Legit
Performance Skills: Fire Act
Athletic Endeavors: Combat - Stage

Select from list above. 

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Manteo, NC, USA



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